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  Welcome to the ultimate low cost BBQ grills website. Don't get cheated with poor quality junk sold by your local mega store! Here you will find cheap BBQ Grills up to 60% off dealer retail prices. Propane gas, charcoal, and smokers; we got it all!
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It really all started while going camping as a kid. We always had a big fire ring to cook hotdogs on. Later on while taking my family to the park, I would use the provided fire grate Hibachi barbecue to cook hamburgers on. Oh they tasted so very good, so I purchased a LPG propane cheap charcoal BBQ grills so I could cook hamburgers at home. As I started to get better at cooking outdoors, I would cook steaks and ribs too. My next step was to go big time and buy a two burner low cost BBQ gas grills made by Char-Broil that had decent quality. The outdoor cooked food just tasted so much better that on the stove. My secret to the awesome taste of steaks and ribs was to break off a small branch from a cedar tree in my front yard and add it to the fire before I throw on the meat. Yum Yum! Brands: Weber Char-Broil Brinkman portable Great Outdoors DCS Fire Magic commercial Frigidaire Sears Herbeau Jobek natural NPG Kenroy and Murray Feiss. Saving Lives Gun News Wholesale Gold Coins Cheap Silver Bars

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I thought I would give slow cooking a try, so I purchased a smoker grill for sale on Craigslist. It was a little big for my outdoor patio, so I set out a bunch of paving bricks so it would have a solid foundation. It worked great for turning a six pound pork roads into edible mush. My daughter bought a new house so I gave her my old and trusty Char-Broil barbecue. This gave me the excuse to buy a premium propane commercial BBQ gas grill to set out on my patio. After I shopped the commercial grills for sale, I settled on one made by Weber as it provided the most value for the money. Now I am the king of outdoor barbecue! When my friends come over, they just admire my 4 burner beast. You guys bring the steaks and I will cook them just the way you like. Models: Mosquito Magnet Tyndale UniFlame Brass Baron Bradley Smoker Altima AOG Broil King Bull Cabana Coleman Capital George Forman portable Lynx Phoenix commercial natural NPG Sikes Solaire and TEC.

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